Madwoman by Shara McCallum

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Alicing Around: See What Alices Are Up To

Introduction to the Madwoman: An Interview with Shara McCallum

AJB: In Madwoman, you write about the different stages of womanhood—from a young child in the beginning of the collection to a middle aged woman at the end. When does the Madwoman begin and is this madness an inevitable trait we gain as we grow? SM: I suspect some forms of ‘madness’ are an inevitable […]


One on One with Matthew Nienow: An Interview with AJB

AJB: You speak of your tools with a kind of reverence, like you have a deep, personal connection to them. The many “Odes” to particular tools really demonstrates this. Is there a specific tool that you feel particularly connected to? Why? MN: One of my first tools was a guitar. At 13, I picked up a […]

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