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Alice James Books is about putting the best contemporary poetry in the hands of avid readers in communities nationwide, and volunteers are often at the very heart of our aims, especially when they support and participate in various press activities like those listed below. If you are interested in volunteering please e-mail us or call the office at 207-778-7071.

  • Event Volunteers
    The press holds many events throughout the year, and benefits greatly by venue donations and the presence of volunteers eager to donate their time and efforts to make a difference. AJB also holds manuscript screenings bi-annually in the New England, New York, and New Jersey areas. Volunteers are always desired to host screening days or to participate in the important process of screening as a reader.
  • Volunteering Professional Services
    Chances are, you have certain talents that we just don’t, so why not put those to good use? In-kind contributions enhance your professional scope, while affording the press greater opportunities to focus on its mission and vision. Expertise in areas like fundraising, marketing and publicity, computer technology, and many others are all very welcome. Contact the press to discuss how you can make an impact on poetry with your super skills.