Translation Series

Alice James Books will be accepting queries for the AJB Translation Series―to be reviewed by the Translation Committee―between the months of September to March only. Queries sent outside of the reading period will not be answered.

All manuscripts must be complete at the time of query submission.

Queries must consist of the following:

  • A letter detailing the project, its impact/relevance to our literary community, and information about the poet and translator(s).
  • A ten poem sample of the translations, including the original-language text.
  • Name, address, email and phone number for the person submitting the query.

Response time for all inquiries is between 6-10 months, during which time the Translation Committee will review queries and make recommendations to the entire cooperative board for their further review. AJB will appreciate if you refrain from making inquiries regarding your manuscript during this time and thanks you for your patience with our process. If your manuscript is selected by another press for publication while under our review, we ask that you kindly notify us as soon as possible.

Queries should be submitted online via Submittable or in hardcopy.  Mail hard copy queries to: ATTN: AJB Translation Series Committee, Alice James Books, 114 Prescott Street, Farmington, ME 04938. Click here to submit your query online from September to March (.PDF files only).

There is no reading fee.

For acknowledgement of receipt of your hardcopy query, please include a self-addressed, stamped postcard. Regrettably, translation queries and query manuscripts submitted to Alice James Books cannot be returned, so please do not send your only copy. U.S. Postal Service Delivery Confirmation Receipt on package is strongly recommended.