Rights and Permissions

Would you like to reproduce an AJB poem? Does this activity fall outside the scope of personal use like emailing a poem to a friend or fellow poet?

If you’re unsure, let us help clarify certain situations where requesting permission would be appropriate!

Among other queries, typically, we receive formal requests to print poems in places like: anthologies, journals, or in newspapers. We also receive many requests to set poems to music, as well as for usage on television and radio.

We appreciate your interest in sharing work published by Alice James Books, and ask that you be mindful of the integrity of each work you wish to reproduce, refraining from altering any poem’s text or language. Also, to protect copyright and ensure that our authors are compensated for re-publication and distribution of their work, we ask that your first step be to contact us by completing the online form below.

You may also fax (207.778.7766) (please follow-up to ensure your fax was received), mail, or e-mail your request to alicejamesea@alicejamesbooks.org. If you are unable to complete this form, or if your request is exceptionally time-sensitive, you should call the AJB office at 207.778.7071 to speak with us.

Please feel free to write or call us if you have any questions as to whether your request is subject to our copyright & usage policies.

Thank you!
The Alice James Books Team

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