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Alicing Around: News from Alice James

Reaper: An AJB Interview with Jill McDonough

  AJB: In this collection, man and machine are often juxtaposed but also at times morphing together. Would you say that machines and technology are a part of nature—that they are still derived from alloys and materials from the earth? Why or why not? JM: Sure, they’re part of nature, but less because they are […]


The 2017 Alice James Award Winner: Announced!

February 28, 2017 We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Alice James Award is Mia Malhotra of San Mateo, California, for her manuscript, When I See You Again, It Will Be with a Different Face. She will receive $2,000 and her collection will be published in ­­­April 2019, as well as an […]

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