Internships at Alice James Books
Writing Apprenticeships/Internship positions are available mainly to UMF students during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Each is worth four college credits and requires that a student schedule time at Alice James Books for approximately twelve hours per week, depending on the semester length. B.F.A. UMF Creative Writing majors are required to do an internship, and many of them choose to fulfill this experiential learning requirement at AJB. Alice James Books also accepts internship applications from students outside of the University of Maine at Farmington on a very selective basis.

To apply for an internships, students must send a letter of interest and their resume to Editorial Assistant, Alicia Hynes ( Applications are reviewed by AJB staff. Internships are extremely competitive, and students are encouraged to apply at least one semester prior to the proposed period.

All students are welcome to apply and no prior experience in the publishing field is required; however, experience in writing, computers, or communications are qualifications we commonly like to see.

Turns out internships aren’t fetching coffee and doing meaningless tasks. I feel as though I’ve accomplished and learned a lot during my time at Alice James Books…I’m glad I chose to do my internship at [here]. This experience has given me a lot of insight into the world of publishing, a world I hope to explore even more in the future. It was a great introduction to a “real world,” “grown­up” work experience. It gives me hope that maybe my “real world,” post college career won’t be too stressful… I simply have to find a workplace that has an environment, coworkers, and projects as enjoyable as they are at AJB!

–Adam Hewin, summer 2016

The Internship Experience
 The overall responsibilities of every AJB intern include answering the telephone; general correspondence; taking book orders; and communicating with poets, vendors, other publishing professionals, and the general public. Additional intern projects generally include:

  • Compiling and/or editing the AJB catalog
  • Designing and/or updating the AJB website
  • Designing advertisements
  • Writing press releases
  • Working to build digital media libraries
  • Updating and editing the AJB iOS app, Alice James
  • Writing marketing material for books
  • Devising book publicity campaigns, materials, and posts
  • Designing and creating prepublication galleys and other materials
  • Teamwork on AJB’s annual appeal
  • Coordinating manuscript submissions
  • Writing advertising copy
  • Interviewing poets
  • Handling inventory
  • Editing review quotes and other materials

Why Alice James Books?
In the field of independent publishing, Alice James Books is widely recognized for excellence. Your training at AJB will not only enrich your college education but improve your future employment opportunities.Learning experiences at AJB are not just for poets! An internship at AJB sets you apart as a distinguished individual to both graduate schools and employers. AJB internships have helped UMF graduates find jobs in publishing, advertising, graphic arts, the nonprofit sector, and other fields. Experience gained here can benefit you for years to come.

As a not-for-profit entity, Alice James enables students to pursue their passions via immersion in our educational program. Those with interests in the literary arts field benefit from their exposure at Alice James, yet all students develop critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills at the press. The press encourages independence and creativity, pushing students to discover and explore their personal interests via our innovative environment. Alice James Books raises writers and future professionals with an incredible depth of knowledge and experience in the field. Our presence on campus inspires students to explore and understand the many applications of the arts.

AJB interns play an important role in the continued success of Alice James Books. The collaboration of interns, staff, volunteers, and board members makes the press a true accomplishment of team values and effort. Interns gain valuable experience in many aspects of business and publishing through understanding of the day-to-day operations and business practices at AJB, from knowledge of computer programs such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and internet applications to knowledge of editorial, marketing, sales, publicity, design, production, and fund-raising practices. AJB staff members provide lots of one-on-one mentorship— support that is very rare in most publishing houses.

Who We Are
Alice James Books is an independent poetry press. We are named for Alice James, sister of William and Henry James, whose fine journal and gift for writing went unrecognized during her lifetime. AJB was founded in 1973 by five women and two men, with the objective of starting a press that gives women’s writing better representation and involves authors in the publishing process. While Alice James Books has a strong history of publishing women’s poetry, we encourage submissions from all interested poets.

The Small Press
AJB has grown tremendously into a national community of poets. Many of our poets participate or have participated as editorial board members. Our poets have been recipients of the Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship, the American Book Award, The Kingsley Tufts Poetry Prize, The Kate Tufts Poetry Prize, The Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize, The Nation/Discovery Prize, The Rona Jaffe Foundation Award, and Guggenheim, Laanan Foundation, and NEA Fellowships. Many Alice James Books authors are nationally renowned, including Jamaal May, Shara McCallum, Jane Mead, Jane Kenyon, Donald Revell, Jean Valentine, Fanny Howe, Brian Turner, and B.H. Fairchild. Recent Alice James Books titles have been reviewed in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Publishers Weekly, Boston Globe, L.A. Times, Library Journal, and Poetry.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. For more information, please call Alice James Books at 207.778.7071 or email our Editorial Assistant, Alicia Hynes at