Thank you for giving to Alice James Books. Your support is incredibly vital to the press and the presence of poetry in print in our literary community. Book sales only cover a little over 30% of our total operations cost, so it’s safe to say, we could not publish such great works of poetry without your generous support.

If you’re wondering what your gift can do, exactly, here’s a little bit more about that:

  • A gift of $5000 can finance the basic production of one AJB book (design, printing, advertising, distributing, etc.). Would you like to be a book’s producer?

  • A gift of $2500 prints one book. Ah, a first book printing, there’s nothing like the scent of newly minted poetry.

  • A gift of $1000 will design one AJB book, and gosh our designers knock our socks off. You could ask to see the cover designs during production. Then, be wowed by what is chosen when you receive the first edition!

  • A gift of $500 launches one poetry book. Campaign, campaign, social media, party, reading, repeat! Give the gift of this mantra.

  • A gift of $250 makes you a print advertiser, thanks boss!

  • A gift of $100 does the good and downright necessary work of promoting a book. Send an AJB book into the hands of reviewers everywhere.

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Donor Benefits

All donors are acknowledged online (unless a preference for anonymity is expressed) with our deepest gratitude for their ongoing support and friendship.

Donors of $100 – $499 also receive a promotional code for a free e-book.
Donors of $500 – $999 receive a subscription of AJB books for 1 season, which they may also choose to gift.
Donors of $1000 or more receive a subscription of AJB books for 1 year (2 seasons), which they may also choose to gift.

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