On Donald Revell, by Dan Beachy-Quick

On Donald Revell by Dan Beachy-Quick There’s a poem these days I keep turning back to, one recently discovered, whose gentle prism minds and reminds me what I love most about Donald Revell’s work. The poem is “Tools,” and in it, the “moon / in its coin of rainbow / called my name.” The moon […]


“Shadows of Leaves”: Donald Revell by Richie Hofmann

“Shadows of Leaves”: Donald Revell by Richie Hofmann Donald Revell’s poems are weird and beautiful. Weird because they seem, at times, to resist simple narratives, to create meaning out of disparate images and statements. Weird because they celebrate strange and obscure (sometimes archaic, sometimes contemporary) objects and places and people and quotations in poems that […]


Revell’s Restrictions in “A Setting” by Sarah Manguso

Revell’s Restrictions in “A Setting” by Sarah Manguso A Setting in memory of John Cheever There is nothing Orphic, nothing foreign. The deep greens of a suburban June, the lawns, the orientalia, are enough, for now, to make you sing. The deep greens of a suburban June drift from oriel to oriel and are enough, […]


Donald Revell: A Short Travelogue, by Kevin Goodan

Donald Revell: A Short Travelogue by: Kevin Goodan   It has always been a secret little joy of mine to have books published by Alice James Books, not only because AJB is truly an amazing press, but also because they publish the books of Donald Revell. I have been an avid reader of Revell’s work […]


Introducing AJB Signature

Hi there, are you ready for something new? Do you love exclusives? Limited editions? Keepsakes? Pre-wrapped presents? A one-for-you, one-for-me? To cherish and hold dear a special book of poems, especially one that’s been inscribed by its very talented author? Then, perhaps, we have something for you.  It’s a new little thing, called AJB Signature. Signature […]


Start the conversation: have you read Yearling by Lo Kwa Mei-en? If you can, summarize the collection in one word. Continue the conversation: Yearling was chosen for the Poetry Foundation’s Library Book Club in July. Pick up your own copy, engage online with other ‪poetry‬ enthusiasts, and, if you’re going to be in ‪Chicago‬ on July […]


Phillip B. Williams Featured in Missouri Review’s “Poet of the Week”

Phillip B. Williams is featured in The Missouri Review’s “Poet of the Week.” Read his surreal poem, “The Fawn,” here: http://bit.ly/1EOzC01


Matthew Olzmann’s Poems Featured on Qualm

Check out Matthew Olzmann’s excellent poems, “Letter to a Moth, Dying in a Light Fixture Outside” and “Daylight Container,” featured on Qualm: http://bit.ly/1bWKOhg For more poems by Matthew Olzmann, read a sample poem from his AJB collection, “Mezzanines,” here: http://bit.ly/AJBMO


Tamiko Beyer responds to Progressive Poetics

Read Tamiko Beyer’s powerful and insightful response to progressive poetics, discussing human corruption, racism, nature, and the construction of “what is natural.” http://bit.ly/1F1Plsk Learn more about Tamiko Beyer’s AJB collection, “We Come Elemental” and read a sample poem here: http://bit.ly/WCETB


Anne Marie Macari’s Poem, “Bone,” Featured on Poetry Daily

Anne Marie Macari’s beautifully crafted poem, “Bone,” is featured on Poetry Daily. Read it here: http://bit.ly/1HV3Mkl For more poems by Anne Marie Macari, check out her AJB collection, “Gloryland,” here: http://bit.ly/GLORYLAND