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The 2017 Alice James Award Winner: Announced!

February 28, 2017 We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Alice James Award is Mia Malhotra of San Mateo, California, for her manuscript, When I See You Again, It Will Be with a Different Face. She will receive $2,000 and her collection will be published in ­­­April 2019, as well as an […]


Introduction to the Madwoman: An Interview with Shara McCallum

AJB: In Madwoman, you write about the different stages of womanhood—from a young child in the beginning of the collection to a middle aged woman at the end. When does the Madwoman begin and is this madness an inevitable trait we gain as we grow? SM: I suspect some forms of ‘madness’ are an inevitable […]


One on One with Matthew Olzmann

AJB: Death is a recurring theme throughout your collection and is also a part of the cycle of life. That in itself could be considered a contradiction. Can you describe the tension between life and death? MO: Describe the tension life and death! You’re giving me way too much credit if you think I can […]


One on One with Matthew Nienow: An Interview with AJB

AJB: You speak of your tools with a kind of reverence, like you have a deep, personal connection to them. The many “Odes” to particular tools really demonstrates this. Is there a specific tool that you feel particularly connected to? Why? MN: One of my first tools was a guitar. At 13, I picked up a […]


AJB Exclusive Interview with Jane Mead

AJB: This collection most broadly follows a singular event, the passing of your mother, but what prompted the decision to have this book formatted into a single poem? JM: Well, it wasn’t really a decision—it was more a development, as is so often the case: poems go their own ways, often surprising ways. In this […]


PRESS RELEASE: Alice James iOS App

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE:                           April 14, 2016 CONTACT:                  Alyssa Neptune / 207-778-7071 /   POETRY PRESS ALICE JAMES BOOKS LAUNCHES BOLD iOS APP Alice James Books receives donation from Follium Partners to create ground-breaking app that provides free access to […]


Announcement for the 2016 Alice James Award Winner!

February 26, 2016 We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Alice James Award is Anna Rose Welch of Erie, Pennsylvania, for her manuscript, Noah’s Woods. She will receive $2,000 and her collection will be published in April 2018. The Editorial Board has chosen one additional manuscript for publication, as Editor’s Choice: Some […]


Phillip B. Williams Chats with AJB

Alice James Books: What’s the story behind the title of the collection? Phillip Williams: I’m not sure there is a story so to speak. I can say that as soon as I left my first year at Cave Canem that I returned home wanting to write a manuscript and did. It all came in mere […]


On Donald Revell, by Dan Beachy-Quick

On Donald Revell by Dan Beachy-Quick There’s a poem these days I keep turning back to, one recently discovered, whose gentle prism minds and reminds me what I love most about Donald Revell’s work. The poem is “Tools,” and in it, the “moon / in its coin of rainbow / called my name.” The moon […]


“Shadows of Leaves”: Donald Revell by Richie Hofmann

“Shadows of Leaves”: Donald Revell by Richie Hofmann Donald Revell’s poems are weird and beautiful. Weird because they seem, at times, to resist simple narratives, to create meaning out of disparate images and statements. Weird because they celebrate strange and obscure (sometimes archaic, sometimes contemporary) objects and places and people and quotations in poems that […]