Paperback Price: 15.95
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-938584-75-6


We, the Almighty Fires

Available April 2018

“Anna Rose Welch’s We, the Almighty Fires is a testament to poetry’s ability to render the body’s erasure through verbal beauty and grace. There is a keen attention to music in these poems—a crafting of sound as sturdy as an ark in a biblical flood and as obsessive as the water’s recursive singing. Sensual and smart, Welch’s debut collection blazes with wild splendor.”
—Eugene Gloria

“Anna Rose Welch’s debut is the work of a much older soul—older as in one who has been steeped in the art of poem-making for ages. I hear so much silence between these lines, between each word, that in those spaces, she may have conferenced with Meister Eckhart. By the end of We, the Almighty Fires, all I know is that Welch has the means and the reins and the whoa to have gone anywhere to consult anyone in order to bring us these riches all her own.”
—Larissa Szporluk

  1. Richard E. Ahlfield October 1, 2016 at 7:05 pm

    Ms. Welch,

    I have followed your progress for several years and am delighted with your marvelous accomplishment through Alice James: congratulations! My wife and I spend about 4-5 months each year in North East. So, our Erie, PA connections are considerable. Keep up the good work. Obviously, I’ll have to wait a while; but I can’t wait to read your upcoming debut volume.

    Richard E. Ahlfield