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Selected Poem

Glen Cove, 1957

A strawberry shortcake sits breathing sweetness on a cloud
above the curvy cartoon fridge and I am seven climbing
phone books piled on a wobbly chair until the dull silver
radiator looms, then a trickle and someone saying
cracked open. Am I dead? Am I an egg? I hatch out,
bandaged under grapevines near a gullyful of trash.
The wooden lawn chair knits splinters into the backs of my
knees and I will get no shortcake. Am I downcast or
defiant? This and so much else I reach for is gone–
the color of the bulkhead being painted,
the kind of sandwiches my mother hands the splattered
churchmen, and does she know she's pretty?
Rotten apples on spring ground are smeary bittersweet
and I am the age of my daughter who still loves fog.
I hate it. The way last month's huge sadnesses and tiny
triumphs are leaking onto her pillow as she sleeps,
and who knows which moments will get snagged and remain
to point to who she's become once she's forgotten
the rest, her right foot asleep and her daughter
gap-mouthed below her wide with the world.

We Live in Bodies

“With its clear voice, sexiness, paradoxes, and fiery pulse, Doré Watson’s book will certainly send ripples in the too often monotonously safe lakes of contemporary poetry—and I’m grateful for that. We Live in Bodies is resonant with passion and emotional courage . . . at once irresistibly funny, moving, lighthearted, and grave.”
The Bloomsbury Review

“Ellen Watson is an eloquent, passionate poet; generosity of imagination distinguishes both her gift for language and her emotional sympathy: interrogative, tender, wildly inventive, with the wonder of childhood and a grown woman’s comic sense. And her work has the quality of movement. Watson’s poetry is the real thing.”
—Robert Pinsky

“How well Ellen Doré Watson reminds us that we do, indeed, live in bodies. You will close this book exhilarated by its quirky, passionate poems and grateful for its huge heart fired and fed by a prodigious imagination. This is brilliant, urgent work.”
—Thomas Lux


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