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Selected Poem

Route 88 West for My Daughter

I am driving you 350 miles away from home
and I am going to leave you with strangers.
I am driving you into your next life,
and I am going to leave you there.
You are snoring while I drive;
I feel like shaking you awake. I would think
one might sit tall in her seat, memorize
each tree, each field, each farm. For hours
it's been one green field after another,
the silver tops of silos like blunt steeples.
What book is this in, Amy, which dream? Since when
am I simply supposed to take you places, turn
around, walk away? Exhausted, your lips move
in your sleep. I tell you
it's one strange town after another-
names I can't pronounce.

Upside Down in the Dark

“[A] powerfully evocative collection, lit with flashes of grief and humor, and masterful at evoking the way ordinary life crystallizes into something hieratic and profound.”

“These poems by Carol Potter, about being a woman, a mother, a lesbian, are remarkably pure and full of energy. Written with love, they seem to imply that, yes, there is pain, but what a miracle there is for its setting. These poems are a rare meeting of craft and spontaneity, as if the poet were standing by the flume of a spillway and shaping the flow with her hands.”
—Doug Anderson

“The sense of dislocation—of homelessnes—that is at the heart of this collection functions, paradoxically, as the source of intimate observation and recognition of the dramas of ‘home’ everywhere. Kaleidoscopically, scenes and people, present and past, near and far, settle into patterns of ‘memory crystal,’ brightly colored and particular, yet with few epiphanies or tidy resoultions, suggesting that, with a turn of the wrist, another equally absorbing arrangement might be achieved. Potter…seeks no high ground, no safety or ranibow’s end, but allows the self to be likewise given and withdrawn, with poignancy and without fear. That desire pales in these poems before the irresistible ‘what is,’ in all its variety and instability, is what intrigues me most about Upside Down in the Dark.”
—Linda McCarriston


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