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Selected Poem


(By Kathleen Aguero)

All day I have been very busy
sewing together the ends of this house,
hammering a roof,
planting doors and windows.
Books jump back into cartons:
the nails melt;
stitches slide away like snakes;
cobwebs chew the floorboards
and the windows leave.
I find myself rolled in blankets every night,
reading in the dark.

Morning I am lying naked in a field —
the first frost

Designing Woman Blues

(By Miriam Goodman)

Jesus I don't like to be the only one awake.
I think of calling Arthur
but remember he's preoccupied
with trying to forget his father.
And then a Doberman gets loose
and picks my house to bark in front of.
Has he decided he's a watchdog, I'm his property?
I think of calling the police.

I have a serious conversation
with a toll booth keeper about marriage.
"Yes," I say to him
as he counts the change into my hand,
"I had hoped it would extend to me --
the institutional coverage."
"It's not a blanket thing," he says.
We know the rules.
'So long' comes next.
He has to let me through.
I have to let him go.

Thirsty Day/Permanent Wave


“Kathleen Aguero’s poetry is startling: full of childlike wonder, then knowledge and anger brought by surviving as a city woman. Aguero never loses her whimsical perspective, and the poems rise far above flat rhetoric, full of grace and charm.”
–Joan Norris

“The eye that sees things as they are disputes with an imagination that sees things as they could be; Miriam Goodman’s poems are wry, loving, dissatisfied.”
–Celia Gilbert


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