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Selected Poem

Spiritual Direction

Because she poked fun at the way his white robes
flew out behind him as he biked back
to the monastery for vespers

and then, recording her jokes in his journal,
he tried to recall each thing she'd said or done.

Because his hands shook when he phoned her
and later, when they walked beyond the gatehouse,
how the hills wouldn't stop trembling–

he told himself he knew at least this much,
if the world shakes, pay attention!

Because of the long night, then, when he couldn't not
think of her. Or the energy surging
through his ordered life, a wind

rising within him, the same energy he'd followed
long ago into the abbey, almost helpless again before it.

His reaching out of bed for his journal,
trying to describe the sound of her laughter
in the gatehouse corridor. As if God was leading him

away from the church, away even from God.
As if he was at last at the mercy.

The Wanderer King

“These beautiful, literate poems explore how we must relate to one another in order to survive. they examine the relationship of suffering and redemption; they propose the importance of imagination; and they say that continuing to care for one another in a dangerous world where grief and joy collide is indeed a risk, but it may be only answer”
Money Review

“In these elegant and searing poems, Theodore Deppe gives voice to the full complexity of human character, creating a world that is charged and expansive. With cinematic vividness and stunning eloquence, these poems examine the tensions between hope and despair, responsibility and mystery—as if a sacred universe we were in danger of losing had been stayed at the moment of vanishing. The dramatic monologues are a triumph of the imagination.”
—Betsy Sholl

“Deppe mediates his subjects with a Chekhovian eye and heart in these extraordinary poems.”
—Stephen Dunn


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