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Selected Poem


Tomorrow,—by reason of rapture.
Rapture—by reason of pain.
There is tomorrow in it

and we look away.
There is tomorrow in the one
God-given stone, and we look away.

When we look away we look into
the past. We get down on our knees
in sorrow. We are much too stunned

to pray. The truth about today
was a bright stone shining—.
By reason of nightmare, by reason

of pain, by reason of wit revisited.
By reason of madness, whosoever
begins shall be asked to finish.

The Usable Field

“With each of her books, Jane Mead develops a more economical, unique language for grief, and for the yearning toward wholeness. Confessional detail and philosophical argument are reduced to traces, but their resonance from underneath leaves no doubt that this work is serious. This is a book I will be living with for a long time to come.”
—Alan Williamson

“Jane Mead penetrates grief with alacrity and burning self-scrutiny. This work enters the world like wild rain and lightning, an inheritance from Celan’s and Tsvetaeva’s stuttered lyricism. Those who can brave the revolutions in her music will choose life because of its difficulty.”
—Jane Miller

“Jane Mead’s our Emily Dickinson, our most ambitious solitary. Her austere poems are brilliant: endlessly inventive, syntactically, tonally and emotionally rich. Alternately ironic and undefended, she never sacrifices compassion, justice, her quest for pleasure. In their longing and their loneliness, tending to the otherness of nature, the beauty of expression, these poems honor the frailty that makes us most human.”
—Ira Sadoff

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