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Selected Poem

The Building With Glass Angled This Way and That

In from the street, inside folds, ascending
past glass swamped with sweat,
plaster cold with lavender musk,
an inkling fragrance slips—
ropes and cables feather down
a scaffold slapped together high
about the entryway: through
stairwells rumors shift as dreams
shift waking; pinkish tissue,
common spaces, rooms
packed with pockets, loose
buckles, a weave
of machines wracked and amazed,
corner rooms newly devoid,
wholly devout, on past the back cells,
past calculators, metronomes, progression
pacing back-and-forth, past
cost, price, bicker, patter,
billow-into-sale, past a woman
tense at a floor-to-ceiling window,
a man rigged to a shinier
situation, past silk evidence, the plastic
brink of last year’s celebrations,
crepuscular sheets bolted to an iron frame—
past after past cast out, faultlines
you dreamt or is it outlived
beneath the tower’s ruffled
frontage, its clung atmosphere
particle driven and prickly about it.

The Pitch

“Inspired by that infamous city-dwelling poet Baudelaire, the 48 poems of Thompson’s second collection swagger, looking with equal parts wonder and spleen through the streets of New York….In the best of these, Thompson makes the awful beautiful and the beautiful awful, in the hope that ‘when / radiance comes we go / with it even if it blinds us.’”
Publishers Weekly

“[Thompson’s] poems are not bound by the constraints of realism or logic but live in that zone above the trampoline’s bounce, a place seemingly-but illusorily-gravity-free…wordplay and punning pour expertly from his poet’s cup.”
Library Journal

The Pitch is finally an ebullient celebration, itself a place where the “looted images” of Thompson’s city and life can rise to amaze us regardless of their original homes.”
Colorado Review

“Tom Thompson’s The Pitch uses the lyric’s music to propel the reader through his perceptions of the world and identity…”

“Before the sum of the parts of the city can equal the limits of location (here defined by concrete, water towers and rooftops), Tom Thompson’s poems pull the speaker back out of the crowd. The Pitch is located in the moments where atmosphere ends and subjectivity begins. Here the ‘not quite’ occupies space and all notions of urban are disallowed from overtaking the landscape. This collection is an astonishing experience that turns a room into an everywhere. The book is exquisite and luxurious and mysterious.”
—Claudia Rankine

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