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Selected Poem


Ground-dwelling birds reply to thunder.
It is sunrise somewhere over there, while here
Stars shine still, and the secret doors inside the pines
Remain wide open. Which way to go?
When I walk into the sun, my children
Hurry beside me. I hear footsteps and machines.
When I go west into the stars, I see
Nothing I could show you: ghosts
Who are not ghosts at all, hearts
On their sleeves, eyes like melted diamonds.
I truly believe that someone loved me once.
A bird alighted on a bee alighting
On a green stem, and I heard thunder. God’s favorites
Are the little stars He drops into the sun.

The Bitter Withy

“As a redoubt against mortality, The Bitter Withy maintains a vigilance toward the seen and an acceptance of the belated nature of understanding, a tenacity for things on the brink of vanishing…”

“Sincerity is risky.  In an age that seems averse to that risk, these poems are welcome company.”
Chicago Review

“Donald Revell’s eleventh book is a collection of the crisp, intense poems for which he is known. The poems face the metaphysical and the religious head-on while leaving the reader with a feeling of new vision and open meditation”

“…intensely personal, even visionary accounts and meditations are rendered with lucidity and ease…truly exceptional”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“…Revell, a talented poet and translator, has finally crossed the line from strange lyricism into full-blown ecstatic prophecy…This book topped my nominations for a Nation Book Critics Circle award nod.”
Sacramento News and Review

“What I find both moving and fresh about this collection is that it handles its subject matter with a simultaneous severity and lightness…This balance keeps the work buoyant despite its deep subject matter.”

“Revell’s recent collections form a steady progression toward the spiritual, and this latest offering is the most thoughtful, most moving, of them all.”
Library Journal

“No poet so innovative now is more accessible, and no poet half so accessible in recent years has made the language so new.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Revell is a post-Romantic, his natural imagery clear and immediate, his feelings never very far from his sleeve, his tone approaching a prayerful devotion…”
Library Journal

“It takes guts to write more poems about peace, war, God and children, but Revell’s are so fresh, it’s as if he’s the first person ever to do it.”
TIME Magazine

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