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Selected Poem


Stricken inside her heart a tree
And outside the wind clattering
Metal over stones
Where can she go
There’s no silence to go to

Let me tell about vanity and a bee
Better to die inside a flower
Better to bind your soul in ice
And when you stand upright
Be a mountain Christ’s footstool

I could not sleep last night for thinking
Mountain and stricken inside your heart
A tree


“Every word counts in Donald Revell. You must read him carefully— not because he’s difficult but because he’s profound. But that’s too inappropriate, that word; let me say sun-worthy, Sophoclean, God-drenched. Let me say grave, trust-worthy, loving, faithful, shocking, brilliant, honest. Let me say for dear life. One of America’s best poets.”
—Gerald Stern

“Revell is one of American poetry’s quiet masters, an aesthetically daring poet who, late in his career, took up religious themes and has created a kind of edgy wisdom poetry. . . The best of these poems are transcendent.”
Publishers Weekly

Previous Praise for Donald Revell:
“No poet so innovative now is more accessible, and no poet half so accessible in recent years has made the language so new.”
Publishers Weekly

“Revell is a post-Romantic, his natural imagery clear and immediate, his feelings never very far from his sleeve, his tone approaching a prayerful devotion.”
Library Journal

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