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Selected Poem

The Winter’s Wife

It will be years before I understand
failure. The sun’s last rage
in the winter trees. My yard
is a failure of field. It is small
and poorly tended. Years before
this hard kernel of worry
rises to a truer height, I can learn
to make shade with my palms,
but I cannot learn to unmoor my want.
I want wild roots to prosper
an invention of blooms, each unknown
to every wise gardener. If I could be
a color. If I could be a question
of tender regard. I know crabgrass
and thistle. I know one algorithm:
it has nothing to do with repetition
or rhythm. It is the route from number
to number (less to more, more
to less), a map drawn by proof
not faith. Unlike twilight, I do not
conclude with darkness. I conclude.

Some Say the Lark

A 2017 Noted Book of the Year

A 2017 Minnesota Public Radio Best Book of the Year

A 2017 Beltway Poetry Quarterly Best Book of the Year

A Lit Hub Book that Deserved More Attention in 2017

Recommended by the New York Public Library

October 2017

“Chang is fearless in taking on traditional notions of what poetry can do to the self and to the natural world.”
—Los Angeles Review of Books

“[In Some Say the Lark], each dynamic formal shift, each nimble swing in register, reveals a different kind of quiet; a fresh consideration of familiar attempts to ‘redress sorrow’ in a way that is more real and true.”
—Publishers Weekly STARRED Review

“Nothing is settled in these poems full of questions only falling snow can ask.”
—Minnesota Public Radio

“[Some Say the Lark is] devastatingly precise in the emotions it dredges up. Chang is a poet who merges the abstract and the concrete with fierce, visceral energy.”
Shelf Awareness

“The ambitious and heartfelt second volume from Jennifer Chang gives many kinds of readers many ways in.”
-Stephanie Burt, American Poets

“. . .[Some Say the Lark] exists in a state of constant movement. Offering bright red birds among cold and bare winter scenery, this collection resonates with longing.”
—The Arkansas International

“Jennifer Chang’s Some Say the Lark is a piercing meditation, rooted in loss and longing, and manifest in dazzling leaps of the imagination—the familiar world rendered strange. In these poems a dark wisdom is at work reminding us that being in a state of longing is the nature of existential loneliness and that among our desires is a kind of self-destruction: ‘we love loss as we love ourselves,/ secretly. And too much.’ The gift of these poems is in the act of defiance which engendered their creation: while the soul might begin in isolation, through language we can find our necessary adhesion to something larger, communal, full of radiant hope.”
—Natasha Trethewey”Jennifer Chang composes one astonishing phrase after another, edge to unexpected edge, a world that is both intimate and hallucinatory, where seemingly disparate images reveal their shared perimeter, their mutual wildness—and suddenly we’re immersed in such exuberant sorrow. In Some Say the Lark, anything can erupt into fury, anything into tenderness. This book: what an agony, what a reconciliation.”
—Patrick Rosal
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