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Selected Poem


In the hotel room we outdid Hopper:
I did not sit on bed-edge, grime-lit;
you did not bury your head in the papery lampshade;
I did not strut fiercely with red nipples and a sneer;
you did not turn into a floral chair.
In the hotel room we painted the moon with a single hair,
then walked crookedly straight into each other, naked
through the stop-sign mirror, through the black forest of the past
where we lay like two cobalt-blue oars breathing;
our proudish musculature lured movingly by rivers welled up.
Outside–the cracked crate of the heart
sits in the branch with silent hands
as the skin of the river floats off
as the dusk of our sound settles dark.

Sails the Wind Left Behind

“These poems do the remarkable job of making contemporary American poetry feel new again. Lynch takes risks at every turn, trying out new shapes in the mouth, flirting with narrative. . . . The poems operate at dizzying heights, and Lynch is so good she convinces the reader to climb just as high.”

“Alessandra Lynch possesses one of the most truly poetic imaginations I have ever encountered. Her metaphors slide seamlessly one into another and the logic of her illogic is so lucid I feel, reading her, like I’ve entered a new, a delightful land. This is a brilliant debut.”
—Thomas Lux

“Daring, disarming Alessandra Lynch is like a golden wind. She aims to envelope a reader in gusts of poems, transparent, yet mysterious. Lynch has much more than a story to tell—she has muses to consort with and animal identities to assume. Forget the homespun and the plainspoken. Here is poetry you can lose yourself in, be thrilled about, perplexed over, surprised and satisfied inside.”
—Molly Peacock


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