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Selected Poem

You Are in Another City

Here in my bivouac
on the other side of the world

I will write to you
about all the head-sunk people

eyes bowed thick with fear
walking like statistics up
& down the streets & the ones
who turn their faces

& whom I misbelieve are you.

I am not sure I know the difference anymore
between this person & that
along Kingsland Avenue
though some point guns & others
kiss me hard on the lips
& I am so glad
we are one of those
who point with our mouths
most of the time.

I could say your name
or I could just crawl across your chest
& our thighs would speak the text
lay your head against my neck & come
nameless one

London, Mumbai, New York, Shanghai
these species: citis
this genera: citi
slicing off the—y
no good asking anyway.

You are in another citi & I
am deep here in myself
less these numbers, less these names & eyes—

but it is the same sky, isn’t it…


“Like a perfectly shot and detailed movie, in which viewers notice something new with each screening, Refuge/es can be read again and again, and another beautifully rendered phrase will steal out and snag you. Poetry lovers will appreciate this collection, and Broek’s determinedly innovative point of view may transform those new to this form into believers. ”
Shelf Awareness

“Michael Broek’s book Refuge/es takes on the whole world: history, justice, the fragmentations of modernity, terrorism, erotic love and estrangement. But his resources are substantial—these poems possess intelligence, erudition, gravitas and urgency. Serious and moving in voice and ambition, this passionately lyrical and articulate work reminds me very much of the capacious, fierce and intelligent work of Adrienne Rich.”
—Tony Hoagland

“Juxtaposing our wars, our disturbed cities, our flawed policies with the erotic and domestic, Michael Broek creates, in Refuge/es, a stunning love song for our troubled nation and world. Consisting primarily of three sequences, this audaciously original first book is actually one complex collage with recurrent points of reference, assembled with uncommon skill and passionate care.”
—Martha Collins

“To release man (not yet mankind) from the chains of dogma, Nietzsche prodded us to spiritualize passions, to find in human nature a force to replace our need for the divine. Since then that enterprise has never been more difficult than now as the gods return with a vengeance and as mankind, polluting, fracking, enslaving and slaughtering captains the planet to its demise. Michael Broek’s artistry in his marvelous debut shows that redeeming us and giving us purpose is the worthiest of endeavors precisely because it demands our best language and our purist lyricism. And that’s what Broek’s Refuge/es achieves: a rhapsody to the life we can still have on earth, an incantation to ward off our worst devices.”
—Khaled Mattawa



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