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Selected Poem


Hard to the left of the house the path,
the footbridge, the way back. To her
back, the Gulf. The only woman,
among busy men now gone
to martinis, missing out on sleeves
of clouds, the shapes they fashion
to frame stars. She was none of these,
woman man cloud star. Maybe more
gulf or sleeve. Woman of a certain
age means—how old. Well beyond
the middle. Taking this in would take
muscle. But how to leave the wild wet
edge, the shushing at her heels.
Not true. She was already sitting
on the splintery bridge, struck
by creature-noise in those flat,
clattery leaves, almost friendly.
This is not strictly a story. I left
her longer on the beach than she
dared, and the bridge was not
where she stopped in the soft
whiffle of air but at the window
of the house, looking in, where
she was also, waiting. To know
some things. Which I will never tell.

pray me stay eager

Available January 2018

“…[an] exuberant poetry collection…”
The New York Times Book Review

“Watson writes, ‘This is not strictly a story’—and she’s right, it isn’t. These poems are musical meditations on what cannot be narrated, but must be prayed or sung. . .”
Publishers Weekly

“Ellen Doré Watson gives us the gift of a healthy dose of life in pray me stay eager, a book that lifts language up and invites it to its own self-investigation. . . This is a taut and wise collection, bustling with inventiveness and celebration of wonder. The craft is impeccable, the inner vision revelatory, and the humor affirming, the kind of courage we so need.”
—Afaa Michael Weaver

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