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Selected Poem

The New Realism

It starts when you enter a body of water
named after a forgotten suburb, or when
you tiptoe to the edge of an apartment,
naked, carrying a single egg.

When the New Realism strikes,
you might find yourself listening
to soup evaporate like I did
after every other pleasure failed me

a million times. Try to drape yourself
in Edwardian post-punk glory.
Look into the mirror. Erase the idea
of what you thought of as a self.

Andy Warhol’s eyes are now your eyes.
Wear them until they break. Wear
them until they leak. Wear them until
they are your only eyes. Then lose them.

Finally, you will be as profound
as an air conditioner. You will be the negative
space between awkward teeth, the fluid
missing from every television sex scene.


“…some real poetic gems…we have the real poet.”
Stride Magazine

“…moments of hilarity, illumination, solemnity and insight… Fuhrman’s delightfully weird and most penetrating moments are a joy.”
Publishers Weekly

“Forget New York poetry. Forget Language poetry. Forget desires for a totalizing poetics. Fuhrman is a leader in the particular, in ‘infra-surrealism.’ She taboos nothing; no form impedes her complete wit. This full poetry is not only ‘feminine, marvelous, and tough,’ but subtle, searching, and wounded—sexual, social, and smart. Fuhrman celebrates new truth-telling, an art of the spectacular pageant.”
—David Shapiro

“Joanna Fuhrman is a witty visionary for our virtual age. Her poems invite you not just to read but to become immersed in their delightfully protean postmodern landscapes. The work is both exotic and mundane, retro and futuristic at the same time. Pulsating with surround-sound and a panoply of ‘neon fluid’ special effects, this book startles as it entertains.”
—Elaine Equi

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