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Of Marriage

Forthcoming in June 2018

“Sublimely talented Nicole Cooley doesn’t define marriage so much as surround it with that most relational part of speech, the preposition ‘of.’ Her captivating, furious, tender collection Of Marriage is not a story—though there’s a twosome, with two daughters as well. Instead it’s a series of chilling, strange, and gorgeous metaphors with images about the marriage contract in body, soul, and law. Marriage as koi pond, construction paper, salad fork: what is this union, the poet-wife provokes us to ask, if not the unique hold of one person to another? (Cooley means chokehold as well as embrace.) In couplets and comparisons, with a grace as formal as a medieval marriage vow and as hard as a kitchen floor, here is Cooley’s art at work, taking up the challenge of the ultimate bond.”
—Molly Peacock

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