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Selected Poem

lie down too

Only you are standing in the standing house.

You can’t believe your sick insides don’t show.

You take different slowdown pills.

The ocean in bed is calm and you will go there.

Four times now, you’ve been made younger with wanting to.

You dream you take a sleeping pill and sleep.

You look through the holiday ham to the bone and have visions.

It is sunny and flat and perfect.

Cows lie in the snow in the air direct from Labrador.

The sheep and the chair and the house lie down too.

lie down too

“A beautiful, odd little book… Lewis’s sentences brush up against both white space and one another in a sort of supple ricochet of associative sense… There is a fascinating mind at work here.”
The Literary Review

“…lie down too is a collection to leave slowly and return to often.”
Gently Read Literature

“…there is a lot of wisdom in [lie down too], and it comes to you in waves. I mean this almost literally: As if standing on the border of land and water, at the border of sense and chaos, the spare images of this book roll toward you at a rate that is both overwhelming and measured.”
—Thom Dawkins, Weave Magazine

“[lie down too] is a coupling of familiar with new, of phrases almost remembered but twisted in mid air like a lasso, settling on the head of an unexpected animal. It’s seriously fun.”
—Beth Kanell

“…lie down too is often intensely hilarious and thoughtful.”
Stride Magazine

“…[Lewis] integrates isolated lines with each other by the clever, deft touch of an adept hand and heart.”
The Keene Sentinel

“Few poets handle both syntax and sound as [Lewis] does, and few flirt so well both with, and against, common sense, with and against ordinary adult experience…”
Publishers Weekly

“Lesle Lewis is alive with conflict. She wishes she were alive and not alive. Lucky for us readers, she is very alive. Scintillating with all her private and not so private mythologies, her poems beam down situations of utter contradiction both terrifying and calming. She sings the song of life in all its multitudinous guises. Finally, though, this is a book of joy, impossible to put down, impossible to deny.”
—James Tate

“The intrepid and witty narrator of lie down too shows a psychic range—euphoria, anxiety, confidence, confusion—and always disarms our expectations. In “March Sun Grief,” “Temptation takes me to the river…Then Doubt attacks; I let him is all.” Lewis directs her poems as John Gay directs his songs in The Beggar’s Opera: eye to eye, heart to heart.”
—Caroline Knox

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