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Selected Poem

More Than Anything I Like to Sing But It's Rare

If nothing else, I know how to make a good fuss.
But I didn't want centrifugal force, I wanted
a flowering tree. Of my entire family, I'm the one
who loves red and leaves doors open.
The truth is I stand in awe of the human machine.
I peer into people's bodies in the back of the ambulance.
I sit with my breath and my recipies. I can't speak
for the monochromatic. Excuse the expression,
but there is such a thing as owning, it's just not
about money. I don't know about the arabesques
my limbs have never described. I didn't say flute,
I said cello. Short of wearing a club, joining a uniform,
what so I do with my big noise, to make it
surely music? I am sad without leaves.
And meanwhile, the world turns breezily in its rusty socket.
The trouble with green is it starts yellow
and ends brown. The trouble with green is
it's so dangerously quiet.

Ladder Music

“It is precisely Watson’s poetic willingness to be subverted, both emotionally and formally, that makes this collection so valuable. One finishes it with the impression of a fiery, intrepid voice turning and turning over the images and things of this world looking for hope and love, but always suspicious of both, and always suspicious of easy expression.”
Poet Lore

“Ellen Watson writes ‘I can’t see but I quarry’: these new poems, like the inner and outer worlds she quarries and sees, are oftentimes strange, surprising, and wise.”
—Jean Valentine

“Ellen Doré Watson has the wonderful ability to translate idea, emotion and her keen view of the world into verbal energy and rich patterns of sound. Her poems bang about on the page and are a great pleasure to read.”
—Stephen Dobyns


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