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Selected Poem

At The Pow Wow

my mother, red-haired,
who lived with my father
forty years,
who buried my grandparents,
whose skin was brown, she said,
from age,
watches the feathered dancers
and says, so that's
what real Indians look like.

I wrap the shawl around my shoulders,
and join the circle.

Home Country

“Coming home, in this land we now call America, is one of the hardest things any contemporary poet can do… It is even harder when that homeland is no longer on any maps but kept in the memory of yourself and those few others who see beyond roadsigns and beneath concrete… Home Country, Cheryl Savageau’s first book, is a chronicle of returning… to a land which never abandoned her…”
—from the foreword by Joseph Bruchac, author of Keepers of the Earth


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