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Selected Poem


New life
may be greedy and sullen,
may clench its fists
in a brute effort to live,
barge through the opened door
asking if there have been phone calls.
I’ve been at war
in Alexander’s army
swinging a huge pole at hard eyes
that denied me my rights
threatened my peace.
The pole is standing at my door.

To wake tomorrow
fresh as a young, rose-crowned
Etruscan woman!
A working terrier
with rough, wheaten coat,
bred to burrow in rocks,
to hunt rats in wild cairns,
comes to live with us
to live with us.
I dream of cathedrals,
of entering their darkness
perhaps to see their treasures.
I sit in back and wait.

A young man, his face
and figure like a saint on an icon,
comes with a taper,

wearing an embroidered tunic.

Green Shaded Lamps

“…greenness is ambiguous here: the poems themselves are like green shaded lamps, their vitality obscuring, in a matter essentially and necessarily human, what might otherwise be pure light.”

“The poems…are exhilarating in their sureness: the rhythms varied, but invariably satisfying; the voice mature; the diction flawless without being predictable.”
—Gary Miranda


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