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Selected Poem

From Room to Room

Here in this house, among photographs
of your ancestors, their hymnbooks and old
shoes . . .

   I move from room to room,
a little dazed, like the fly. I watch it
bump against each window.

I am clumsy here, thrusting
slabs of maple into the stove.
Out of my body for a while,
weightless in space . . .

the wind against the clapboard
sounds like a car driving up to the house.
My people are not here, my mother
and father, my brother. I talk
to the cats about weather.

"Blessed be the tie that binds . . ."
we sing in the church down the road.
And how does it go from there? The tie . . .

the tether, the hose carrying
oxygen to the astronaut,
turning, turning outside the hatch,
taking a look around.

From Room to Room

“Rarely does one encounter a first book which gives so much, so economically; and it is also rare that a first book leaves the reader with so rich a sense of reward, for the poet’s careful labors are in the interest of the Mystery lying beneath everyday circumstances.”
—Michael Benedikt

“The detail is ravishing. Not a false line or false emotion. Every poem has the tenderness of a child and the terrible knowledge of primal life.”
—Ruth Stone


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