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Paperback ISBN: 978-1-938584-65-7


Daylily Called It a Dangerous Moment

UNT Rilke Prize Finalist

L. A. Times Book Prize Poetry Finalist

A 2017 New York Times Best Poetry Book of the Year

“[Lynch] wants to show an act of violence in all its terrible particularity and also in the way it becomes a background against which identity trembles and sometimes fractures. It’s difficult to read this collection without thinking about how timely it is, but its force is in no sense dependent on that congruity.”
The New York Times Book Review

“Lynch exhibits a steely bravery as she teases out the workings of the ecosystem of trauma.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Read as poetry of witness, the collection is illuminating, for trauma survivors and for those willing to behold its aftermath.”

“With a music prowess both deft and ferocious, these empathetic poems in Daylily Called It a Dangerous Moment woe and terrify simultaneously. Terrible things happen in this book and it’s wonderful—such is the redemptive power of poetry this exquisite.”
—Dean Young

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