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Selected Poem

The Same Elegy Never Completed Each Day It's a Different Death

for my father
Your life is over before mine begins
like some electrical implantation
that leaves just the idea of you

I used to know the difference
between you and all the dead presidents
you and all the dead miners
who were illiterate and drunk by 6:30
the people who did not die
at their desks well dressed
and in control of things

When the car broke down in a snowstorm
just outside Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania
I wanted to feel at home

Nothing of us may ever reach the stars
but all the flowers in the Trenton graveyard
have had their fill of you

Changing Faces

“…Antonio Machado used to say the capacity for wonder is the source of true poetry, and this is the magical ingredient I find in Betsy Sholl… All, or almost all, of Sholl’s poems are coming from a center whose discipline of attention (in a spiritual sense) and discipline of language coincide. This means she is working… where the richest ore lies.”
—Luis Ellicott Yglesias, New Boston Review

“The collection is distinctly American, the language, the voice, the way she sets her private dreams and memories against a flat indifferent landscape…The poems sing a familiar song, but the particulars are her own, without self-pity or excessive egoism.”
—Fanny Howe


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