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This Poem Cost Me One Hundred Dollars

Once when I lived in the city, locked out
while high on heroin and Ecstasy
my head resting against the gray steel door
of my apartment, I had a series of waking dreams
about purgatory in Dante's hell.
But now I'm the kind of guy
who spends five grand I don't have
on clearing the vetch and vines from my yard.
I'm the kind of guy who says heck yes
when invited to a wedding in Milan.
On the flight there I tell a fellow passenger
a story about my son's fear of the ocean,
and then nod yes many times as she relates it
to the Sermon on the Mount.
And when a beautiful Italian man
shows me how to tie a perfect
fist-sized knot in my tie
and then gives me his,
I give him mine,
even though mine cost a hundred dollars.
I'm the kind of guy who once had a tie
that cost one hundred dollars
and now has a story about losing it.

Begin Anywhere

“Frank Giampietro’s poems speak to our American lives—the woe of commercialism, the heartbreak of suburbia, and the exquisite complexities of family. Within his breakneck hilarity, there is always some nod toward our own fleshy mortality, a small sigh of death. Giampietro’s unique brand of genius makes the world more glorious, uproarious, and lonesomely true.”
—Julianna Baggott

“The lines in these wise, funny, often startlingly sad poems nudge and jostle each other coltishly, and no wonder: they are the foals of Head and Heart, two mighty steeds to draw the reader’s chariot out of the well-trodden way and straight to poetry’s palace of gold, its realm of the blesséd.”
—David Kirby

“Giampietro spends some quality time here interrogating his own appealingly quixotic soul. And like the best performance artists, this dissection implicates his audience, asking us to thoroughly consider what it means to be a friend, lover or parent. Giampietro constructs these questions with exceptional heart and verbal glamour. I love this book. It puts the human back in being.”
—Erin Belieu

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