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Selected Poem

The Children Who Haven't Stopped Moving

We rode the train through the north woods,
five children nodding like old men
at the familiar names: North Creek, Speculator.
Somebody behind us kept whispering, "Paradise."
There was an old woman in his arms. He shifted
his feet on the bare wood floor, held her waist
as if she were a baby with wings
threatening to fill the train with her gaggle.
The old man leaned over the seat: "She drinks too much."
We didn't say anything. "Who the hell told you kids
it would be any different?" We pretended to be asleep.

I lay back, dreamed of white moths
scraping their wings against the windows.
We were the lights about to go out.
I saw the dust from their backs
fill the glass; I always thought it was the dust
made them fly. I woke in a car of frost-
glazed windows. We began scratching our names
in the rime.

Behind us, he kept whispering, "If you don't like it,
just get up and move." There were no
other seats. We could see the woods animals
up in the tops of trees, waving at us, like grandmothers–
their white handkerchiefs flagging the breeze.

Before We Were Born

“Whether she tells of a lover’s body, childhood on a farm, a separation, or a trip to dentist, Carol Potter’s concern is human mystery. Giving equal weight to inner and outer landscapes, she evokes a woman’s memories, dreams, and sensual experience. The poems in this original first collection intimate, lyrical, quizzical, surreal. My favorite among them have the vulnerability and eroticism of skin.”

—Joan Larkin


“Potter’s unflinching recollection of a harsh rural childhood full of siblings, cows, chickens, and wonderment makes for arresting poems.”

—Maxine Kumin


“I admire the power of Carol Potter’s dry, dreamy, country voice, its joyful sexuality, its insights, its understated humor. This is an odd and shrewd and most valuable book.”

—Jean Valentine


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