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Selected Poem

Bayhead, New Jersey 1906

No one has thought about destroying the sand dunes.
The young man practicing photography, the grandfather
I have never seen, only focuses on the footprints
spreading across them, and the little boy sliding
down in high buttoned shoes and a white dress.
But the gets the dunes too–in shadow and light
their grasses bent, the sea breaking between peaks.
And the child, rubbing his limbs in wide arcs
to make sand angels, is dwarfed by them–
as though there are places where we know
everything that will happen will happen.

Then, movies are invented and the wind blows
footprints away. Dump trucks, bulldozers
tanks are invented. The sea comes up
to the road in winter. The rich build houses
on stilts, invent no trespassing signs.
Newsreels. Depression. Two wars.
Congenital heart disease. The need to know
where we came from. The necessity of proving
the dead used to live, the living
had fathers and mothers.

Appalachian Winter

“A remarkable celebration of life as it is lived…This is an intelligent, mature, unique voice in American poetry, one that speaks directly and piercingly to important universals.”


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